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March 4, 2021
Inside news
The student-run food pantry SHOP is teaming up with the ISU Foundation to become a tax-exempt nonprofit. By doing so, it can access more grants and partner with the Food Bank of Iowa to buy food at a lower price per pound.

The Student Innovation Fellows Corps that launched this fall ties together a variety of ISU innovation programs, encouraging students to use the skills and mindset they've developed in those experiences to accomplish a big challenge. 

President Wendy Wintersteen has named the standing committee that will consider requests to remove names from university property. The group's first assignment, which it will begin this semester, is a review of Catt Hall.

Ceremonies for bachelor's and master's students would be held outdoors at Jack Trice Stadium, and ceremonies for doctor of veterinary medicine and all other doctoral candidates would be held in Hilton Coliseum.

When the pandemic prevented a trip to St. Louis last fall, design students found another way to learn about and help design houses for people with HIV or AIDS. A virtual field trip organized with help from two ISU alumni led to students creating plans, materials and furnishings for the houses.

Six university faculty received Fulbright awards in the the U.S. government's flagship international educational exchange program. 

Everything in smoke-damaged Ross Hall -- such as surfaces, ductwork, furniture, electronics, elevator shafts and especially the air -- has to be cleaned before the building can be used again.
The following announcements were added this week:
  • Fee added for employee replacement ISU Card
  • Order in advance for ice cream pickup on March 11
  • Antimicrobial resistance virtual conference is April 20-21
  • Foundation's migration to Salesforce continues
  • March 9 P&S seminar is a two-part wellness series
Around campus
Demolition of the Olsen Building last month created space for the final components of $90 million in facility and program improvements north of Jack Trice Stadium by the athletics department.

With a bit of "metal whispering," Iowa State engineers have developed technology capable of recovering pure and precious metals from the alloys in our old phones and other electrical waste. 

An ISU student rekindles creativeness that began as a child to launch a lip gloss line out of her dorm room. It was a way to invest in herself and encourage others who look like her to be confident in themselves.

Alan Johnson, a 2006 graduate in electrical and computer engineering, reflects on winning a recent episode of "Jeopardy!" and his experiences at Iowa State.

Numerous donations helped outfit the pedigree room in the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Facility. The donations -- pens and hopper bottom bins and their installation -- saved $100,000 for the facility and will help areas of poultry education and research.
Next week
  • Mary Davis, agronomy, March 10
Seminars and conferences
Arts and events
"Faces of Iowa State" artist Rose Frantzen is painting six more portraits this week, all of students who represent resilience during the pandemic. Friday and Saturday's sittings will be livestreamed, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily. Each sitting lasts about four hours.

Student Government created Women's Week, a full lineup of events and lectures in observance of March as Women's History Month. The intent is to focus on the strengths and contributions of women and the challenges they face, with the goal of highlighting and empowering women around the world.
Learning opportunities
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) programming
Center for Communication Excellence programming
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