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June 3, 2021
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Summer typically brings a noticeable uptick in construction and maintenance projects. Here's a quick look at some of what's scheduled for the next few months.

The intent is to protect the university's interests, including the intellectual property of faculty and staff and the integrity of federally funded research projects.

SISTER is a group of more than 80 faculty and staff who identify as women of color who gather monthly over the lunch hour to connect and share stories, a too-rare prospect for affirmation and support on a mostly white campus.

Many of the outward signs of the COVID-19 pandemic are going away, but its inward impact -- the emotional and mental health effects of the past 14 months -- won't fade as easily.

Students, faculty and staff have more options for affordable quality child care thanks to a new partnership to offer income-based fees at Eagle's Loft Early Learning Center.

A memorial fund established after his death in 2016 expanded in scope this spring to support three purposes: a scholarship for a first-year, first-time African American student, programming at the Black Cultural Center and a fund from which to draw emergency grants to help underrepresented students remain in school.

Savi can help employees navigate complex federal and state programs to lower their student loan payments and potentially get some of the debt forgiven.
The following announcements were added this week:
  • Free speech website goes live
  • Summer schedule for Inside
  • Evening 'picnic in the gardens' is June 11
  • All Iowa youth invited to 4-H camp on campus
  • Workspace announces summer hours
Around campus
Despite a growing momentum for initiatives aimed at creating more diverse and inclusive work spaces, barriers still limit the success of these efforts. To implement meaningful change, a team of researchers says a holistic and systematic approach is needed.

Nineteen students will work to build their self-developed businesses this summer as participants in CYstarters, the intensive 11-week accelerator program that gives student entrepreneurs the time, funding, mentor network and skill development to start something while in college.

An unexpected discovery by assistant professor of anthropology Andrew Somerville suggests that the first humans may have arrived in North America more than 30,000 years ago – nearly 20,000 years earlier than originally thought.

Dipali Sashital, an associate professor of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology, considers the thrill of discovering something new the most exciting part of being of a scientist, no matter how the lesson is learned.  

Carver Trust supports microscopy, blood disorder research
The Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust has committed $400,000 to help expand the university's microscopy capabilities and more than $380,000 to support research into blood disorders such as leukemia, anemia and hemoglobinopathies.
  • Jared Anderson, professor of chemistry and faculty scientist at Ames Laboratory, as the inaugural holder of the Alice Hudson Professorship in Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Kris Kilibarda, Iowa Department of Education, to director of the Program for Women in Science and Engineering, effective June 1
  • Brad Dell, associate professor of theatre and director of ISU Theatre, to chair of music and theatre, effective July 1
This week
  • George Nady, facilities services, residence department, June 1
  • Cathy Brown, planning services, facilities planning and management, June 3
  • Leroy Brown, construction services, facilities planning and management, June 3 
  • Nancy Johnson, finance service delivery (Redwood team), June 3
  • Steve Knutson, facilities design and construction, facilities planning and management, June 3 
  • Sally Medford, ISU research and demonstration farms, June 3
  • Beata Pruski, identity services, IT services, June 3
  • Betty Wells, sociology and Extension sociology, June 3, send congratulations to her Kudoboard 
  • Karen Carlson, custodial services, facilities planning and management, June 4
  • Roger Graden, facilities services, residence department, June 4
  • Bob Greene, custodial services, facilities planning and management, June 4 
  • Pandora Lamar, registrar's office, June 4
  • Christine Lee, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, June 4
  • Wendy Ortmann, agricultural education and studies, June 4, send congratulations to her Kudoboard
  • Jennifer Rivera, finance service delivery (Birch team), June 4, send congratulations to her Kudoboard  
  • Rick Terrones, power plant, facilities planning and management, June 4

Next week
  • Deb Gabrielson, admissions, June 7
  • Lori Miller, office of biotechnology, June 11

  • Harvey Terpstra and Jim Kienzler, Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology, June 14 (3-5 p.m., Big Bluestem Shelter, Moore Memorial Park)
  • Dallas Maxwell, Armstrong Memorial Research Farm, June 15
  • Deb Hearn, finance service delivery (Juniper team), June 18
  • Karen Terpstra, registrar's office, June 21 (2-4 p.m., 136 Union Drive Community Center)
  • Susan Simpson, student information systems, IT services, June 29
  • Linda Anderson, information technology, university library, June 30
  • David Baker, Beginning Farmer Center, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, June 30 
  • Deb Cochran, finance service delivery (Juniper team), June 30
  • Kathy Debruyn, finance service delivery (Hickory team), June 30
  • Randall Den Adel, microscopy facility, office of biotechnology, June 30
  • Norma Dowell, information technology, university library, June 30, post well wishes to her Kudoboard
  • Faye Draper, admissions, June 30 
  • Carole Gieseke, ISU Alumni Association, June 30, send cards to Alumni Center, 429 Alumni Ln., Ames, 50011 or messages to her Kudoboard
  • Kai-Ming Ho, physics and astronomy, June 30
  • Karen Jutting, CIO office, IT services, June 30
  • Jody Kalvik, research and instruction services, university library, June 30, post well wishes to her Kudoboard
  • Karla Kelly, finance, business services and procurement, IT services, June 30
  • Tim Koch, distributed application services, IT services, June 30
  • Mary Lents, animal science, June 30
  • Patti Lewis, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, June 30, send your congratulations as part of a card shower to 311 MacKay Hall, 2302 Osborn Dr., Ames, IA 50011-1078
  • Diane Luth, Plant Transformation Facility, office of biotechnology, June 30
  • Steve Malchow, athletics administration, June 30
  • Annette Nelson, finance service delivery (Juniper team), June 30
  • Joan Piscitello, treasurer's office, June 29 (3-5 p.m., remarks at 3:30 p.m., Garden Room and outdoor plaza, Reiman Gardens)
  • Mark Pixler, endpoint technologies, IT services, June 30
  • Sheryl Rippke, policy library, university counsel office, June 30
  • David Roberts, application infrastructure development, IT services, June 30
  • Nancy Rosenquist, LAS student academic services, June 30
  • Deborah Schroeder, finance service delivery (Redwood team), June 30
  • Gaylan Scofield, Brenton Center for Agricultural Instruction and Technology Transfer and AgOnline distance education, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, June 30
  • Marti Steelman, aerospace engineering, June 30, post well wishes to her Kudoboard
  • Doran Tesdall, business analytics and reporting development, IT services, June 30
  • Mike Zeller, office of biotechnology, June 30

Employees, their colleagues or supervisors are invited to submit retirements and departures to University human resources doesn't provide them for publication.
Arts and events
Recipients of the alumni association's Faculty/Staff Inspiration Awards will be honored during a noon virtual celebration Friday, June 4. Students nominated the recipients for their positive influence on the student experience.

Reiman Gardens' Rose Fest is Saturday, June 12. The Iowa Rose Society's annual juried show will open to the public in the Speer Room at approximately 1 p.m. (following judging) and remain open until 4 p.m. The gardens are open until 6 p.m. Garden admission rates apply (free for members and ISU students with I.D.). Masks are encouraged for individuals who aren't vaccinated against COVID-19.

In this annual event, small groups of volunteers walk through designated campus sections of College Creek and pick up trash along the banks. The targeted window is 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; checkin at the Forker Building parking lot begins at 9:30 a.m.
Learning opportunities
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) programming

University library programming
  • Workshop, Qualitative Data Analysis, with Jessica Hagman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, June 14 (2 p.m. via Zoom)
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