Next week
  • Robin McNeely, GIS Support and Research Facility, College of Design, Dec. 18 (2:30-4:30 p.m., 206 Durham)
  • Mike Stahr, Seed Science Center, Dec. 20 (2-4 p.m., Seed Science Center)

  • Sue Reimers, Student Counseling Services, Dec. 29 (no public event)
  • Kathy Weaver, undergraduate academic advising, Ivy College of Business, Dec. 29 (no public event)
  • Antonio Mallarino, agronomy, Dec. 31 (no public event)
  • George Budiselich, quality assurance, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Jan. 2, 2024 (no public event)
  • Vince Dahl, facilities services, Ames National Laboratory, Jan. 2 (no public event)
  • Ann Wilson, communications and marketing, College of Engineering, Jan. 2 (no public event)
  • Henrietta "Dutch" Elliott, facilities services, Ames National Laboratory, Jan. 3 (no public event) 
  • Mike Holtzbauer, ISU Meats Laboratory, Jan. 4 (9-10 a.m., 133 Meats Laboratory)
  • Greg Davis, administration, university library, Jan. 4 (11 a.m.-noon, staff lounge on third floor, Parks Library), post well wishes to his Kudoboard

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